Turn Your Passion into Your Career

The Balanced School for Dog Trainers offers a seminars and immersion programs for individuals looking to become a dog trainer or trainers looking to take their career to the next level.
Passion is the difference between having a job and having a career.

Seminars and Programs

The Base: 2-Day Seminar

FEBRUARY 6-7, 2016
This 2-day seminar is designed to empower you to take your current dog training business to the next level or learn what it takes to launch your career into the world of dog training. Learn from two very successful trainers with two unique perspectives. Ray Murphy of Koru K9 Dog Training will give you the ins and outs of operating a private, in-home business and Jonathan Katz of Chicago Canine Company offers the perspective of what it takes to run a successful dog training facility.

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Immersion: The In-Home Training Shadow Program

This exclusive program offers you the chance to ride “shotgun” with Ray has he navigates through a day of in-home, private dog training. You’ll be along side during Koru K9 Dog Training client appointments as well as having the opportunity to hone your skills with our dogs. This program is offered in week-long increments.

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Immersion: The Board and Train Shadow Program

Spend a week (or more) shadowing Jonathan and his staff at his facility, Chicago Canine Company, learning the ins and outs of board and train clients, group classes and sport work. This program is highly customizable based on your interests and experience. This program is offered in week long increments.

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Tranform your business. Advance your dog training skills. Elevate your knowledge

Our Team

Dog Training Seminars

Jonathan Katz is the owner and training director of Chicago Canine Company. Since 2005 Jonathan has earned countless certifications, accolades and titles. Starting in 2008, he spent 2 years training explosive detection dogs for the Israeli government. Jonathan’s vast experience includes tracking/trailing, scent detection, service dogs, personal protection dogs, Military/Police K9, protection sport dogs, agility, behavior modification and obedience training. Jonathan is owner of Ha’atid Kennels and breeds Belgium Malinois for use in police and military applications. Jonathan and his dog Uzi are only the 10th canine handler team to ever have titled to PSA3.

Dog Trainer School

Ray Murphy is the co-owner, Training Director and Lead Behaviorist of Koru K9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation located in the Bay Area. Ray’s background in the military and project management gives him a unique perspective and advantage when it comes to working with the human part of the dog training equation. With a passion for rehabilitating dogs, Ray is known for taking the “nastiest of the nasties” often working with dogs that other trainers have given up on, or are unwilling to work with. Ray and his dog, Nero have achieved their PSA1 and are actively training for their PSA2.

School for Dog Trainers

Mandie Ryan attended Anthony Jerome’s School for Dog Trainers and has since been to countless of seminars and certification courses to further her education in everything dogs. After graduating dog training school she apprenticed under Jonathan for 2 years. Mandie can usually be found with her Belgian Malinois, Mac by her side. She has competed in confirmation with her bulldog, Ditto (RIP). Mandie and her dog, Mac-10 have achieved their PSA1 and are actively training for their PSA2.

become a professional dog trainer

Bridget Murphy is co-owner of Koru K9 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bridget was a marketing consultant, specializing in SEO and social media, and uses her experience in business and marketing to manage the day-to-day operations of Koru K9. While passionate about all aspects of dog training, Bridget’s “thing” is obedience. She and her German Shepherd, Luna train together daily and also participate in sheep herding. Bridget is also training their new German Shepherd puppy, Cairo and will eventually compete in PSA with him.